Fun Watching Family Get It

One of the struggles I’ve faced in going green in my life is with my husband and kids. Differing views on what is worth doing can be challenging.

That makes it so nice as things start to click!

My husband recently bought and installed a simple clothesline. His comment was that it was really too warm to be using the dryer. Last year he wasn’t interested in the idea. He’s now hung various loads out to dry and likes how fast it goes on hot days.

He’s getting it in more areas too. He’s as much a fan of using vinegar for cleaning as I am, I think. He used to complain about the smell. I’ve taught him that a couple drops of lavender oil takes care of that.

Kids are more challenging, although at 6 my daughter is really getting the basic ideas of recycling and cleaning up trash she finds when we go for walks. Both kids will ask which can a particular item goes into when it’s time.

Patience, I’d say, is really the key. You may not get them to do what you want right away, but over time you can get family members to see why you want to recycle, use less energy and so forth.

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  1. Sharon J says:

    I agree. Good examples generally rub off on others over time. My OH (although we don’t live together) isn’t as keen on simple and green living as I am although I’ve also noticed that he’s gradually changing his ways. Whereas once he’d buy the cheapest eggs available, today he wouldn’t buy any because they were out of free range. Whoopeee!

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