Get Out and Vote Today!

If you haven’t already, at least.

I was hoping to vote early, but didn’t quite get around to it so I guess I get to experience any local lines in person. Not especially looking forward to that part. I don’t like standing in line. My sister suggested that I might get ahead in line due to pregnancy, as they would allow for disabilities, but I don’t think I feel that bad. Just achy.

I’m hopeful for the results, although dreading the possibilities of some outcomes. And here in California I know that if things such as Prop 8 (no gay marriage) fail this year, they will return to haunt us year after year. One of the problems with the proposition system is how easy it is for that to happen. I do get tired of seeing certain topics repeatedly.

I don’t pay much attention to the results as they come in. Only results I care about are the final ones. So I’ll probably be avoiding all news tonight, and checking on results early tomorrow morning. Hearing who won what can be exciting, especially in a campaign like this, but it’s just as interesting to hear about a little later as it is right away.

Go vote!