Getting Out of the House

Have you taken much advantage of summer yet?

Getting out into nature is an absolute must so far as I’m concerned. I don’t much care whether it’s a trip to the beach, camping or hiking, but I love to get my family out and active.

throwing rocks

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not easy. It’s especially true in my case where we only have one car, so if my husband is at work the rest of us are limited to where we can walk to. No problem – the park is about 10-15 minutes away by foot, even with kids. And they do love the playground there.

But for serious, getting out of the house stuff, we haven’t done that well this year. Not the way I would like, at least. No camping trips yet, and none on the horizon. It’s just been a busy, busy summer.

We are taking a trip soon, but it’s to visit my dad, not to camp or anything like that. It’s been about 3 years since we went to his house (but we’ve seen him other times), so we’re really due for that as I see it. But I’m thinking if we can swing it, next year needs a nice, long camping trip. We’ve really done much too little of that.

What is your family’s favorite way to get out of the house?

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  1. boogiemum says:

    We go hiking. There are no mountains in Fl obviously, but we have found some great watersheds to hike. It’s a lot cooler in the swamp areas. We have gotten used to the bus sized spiders and other bugs and the kids love finding animal tracks.

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