Global Warming Not a Hoax Anymore

Well, some still think so. Fortunately, the new head of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee understands that global warming is not a hoax. Barbara Boxer, one of the Senators from California, is taking over that position.

I’m quite delighted, and not just because she’s my Senator. That does make it even better, of course.

It’s just so good to see a Senator who has the common sense to recognize the problems we are facing, rather than just turning around and calling it a hoax. So long, Jim Inhofe. Our environment won’t miss your policies and politics.

I know this isn’t likely to cause miraculous changes in overall environmental policies. But I’ll take every improvement I can get, just to get things moving in Washington.

I look forward to seeing how things develop. Convincing both individuals and big business that something has to be done isn’t going to be an easy job. It’s going to take a very long time, and there will no doubt always be those who are in denial. But we have to do something, to try. So very much depends on it.

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