Going Semi-Vegetarian for Lunch

Yes, I know. Doesn’t sound like much of a commitment. But there’s a logic to my idea of going semi-vegetarian for lunch.

I call it semi-vegetarian because I still plan on eating leftovers from dinner when there’s just a single portion left. It just makes sense to me to eat it rather than let it rot, as I know my husband almost never touches leftovers.

I also know that I’m not going all the way vegetarian. Not ready for that personally, and I’d have a lot of trouble getting my family to go along with it. Most especially my husband. I’m not ready to cook separate meals.

But making something vegetarian for my lunch when I don’t have leftovers makes a lot of sense to me. No need for meat at every meal, after all. Yes, breakfast is generally vegetarian, more or less by default, but lunch is a bit more challenging.

I’ve been spending some time finding recipes and bookmarking them to try. That’s my version of a cookbook, although I do print out ones I find I like well enough to make regularly. This ensures that I won’t lose them if the recipe is later taken down.

I’m going to have quite the shopping list. Eating vegetarian some of the time does mean there are a few things I need to get for some of the recipes I like the sound of.

This will be a bit of a challenge for me. My usual lunches have been a quick sandwich, mac n’ cheese or something else easy to throw together. Finding new foods that are healthier and still easy to throw together is always difficult. But I’ve been wanting to eat healthier for a long time, and this strikes me as a good way to go about it.

Challenge two will of course be getting the kids to go along with it. They’re typical kids, love chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but they also love vegetables. I hope they’ll take to at least some of the recipes. I love teaching then about some of the healthy options that are truly wonderful.

Anyone have any recipes they recommend?

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  1. boogiemum says:

    English Muffins pizzas are a big hit around here. I make extras up and freeze them, so I can pull a few out as I need. We use whole wheat muffins, homemade sauce and organic horizon cheese which I heart so much. This makes them pretty healthy. Throw a few baby carrot sticks with them and you got a healthy lunch!

    My kids (myself too!) love veggie sushi. We have it with watermelon kimchi as a side. These both as fairly inexpensive and easy to make a big batch to have available at all times. If you are interested in any of these recipes, let me know and I can send them to you!

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