Green Homes are Becoming More Popular

I love just wandering the internet and finding these little tidbits. Ones like it becoming more affordable to build greener houses make me very eager for the day when I can afford a home and have such options myself.

Being more environmentally friendly is starting to make economic sense to more people, and that’s where the real progress will probably be made. It used to be that an environmentally friendly home cost too much and looked too different. But now, with the technology improving these issues are going away.

Given the budget, I’ll get pretty ambitious with going green on a house. I’d love to have solar paneling, which isn’t even something used in the home discussed in the above story. I’m not that concerned with it paying for itself in a reasonable period, although I understand that with rebates it can; I’m concerned about using green technologies whenever I can.

Of course, for me right now it’s all an idle dream. I can barely afford to get my poor old car fixed, let alone replace it with something greener. But I’m working hard to earn what I need to get where I want to be in life. Comfortable, not rich, and able to support the causes I believe in.

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