He Gets It, He Finally Gets It!

One of the things I’ve long wished we did was use cloth diapers. My husband was completely against them at first, and now we’re in the process of potty training our son, so the point will finally be moot.

But my husband finally understands the problem with disposable diapers.

He was watching a show on the Discovery Channel or some such, and they’re doing a bit on how much a person consumes throughout a lifetime. My husband was just appalled when he saw how much waste goes into disposable diapers. He now says if we ever go for #3, we’re getting cloth!

Odds are we won’t have #3, in my opinion. I’ve made my criteria well known to him. First we need to own our own place, because I’m not dealing with trying to rent with a 5 person family if I can help it! Second, we have to be able to reasonably afford it.

But he also knows of my concerns, because my second pregnancy was a bit rough, and I nearly miscarried at the end. I have a lot of fears about ever trying that again, even knowing that my grandmother did miscarry in the way my doctors save me from (low amniotic fluid), and later had more kids with no problems. Still a scary thought.

Even so, I’m delighted that he finally is really understanding the big deal about diapers. It should be interesting to see how it goes if he continues to watch it. I don’t know the show’s name, or exactly the channel it’s on, or I’d share it. Pretty sure it’s Discovery or a similar channel, but I don’t know for certain.