Here Comes the Drought?

The potential impacts of global warming are becoming more apparent all the time. Obviously, we can hope that the worst won’t come to pass, but it is still a good idea to prepare for them as best we can. These problems will be much harder to cope with when they actually happen if we haven’t given any thought to them in advance.

For example, it appears that Texas and much of the Southwest will face perpetual drought by 2021. That has to be scary for those living in potentially impacted areas.

Of course, these are projections rather than predictions. The thing to think about is that many models have predicted more drought in that area.

Also, drought in that area is a common enough problem that having a plan in place for a serious drought is a good idea. Harder yet to plan for a perpetual drought, but big droughts and little are best planned for.

Issues like this also help to emphasize the need for water conservation. Especially if you are likely to be impacted by a drought, you can do better if you are used to using less water. If you can buy better appliances, learn the most water efficient ways to do things, a lesser amount of available water will impact you less.

Although not in the areas listed as being impacted by the drought, I wouldn’t consider the area I live in immune. I live in southern California, and we rely quite heavily on water imported from other parts of California as well as from other states. I don’t know how directly this drought would impact us here, but I would expect there to be something. Water rights are already a frequent point of dissention between states.

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