How It’s Made Matters

One of the hardest things about going green is figuring out how to take into account the entire lifecycle of the products you use. Some things that are green in terms of the carbon produced as you use them are not as green as other products by the time you take into account the manufacture and disposal.

I especially found this report comparing the Toyota Prius and the Hummer interesting. It sounds discouraging until you do a little research and find this discussion on the Prius and that article with some great links. That site is obviously biased towards the Prius, but the resources they use look pretty good. Not to mention the personal experiences in terms of durability.
But I do like seeing discussion on considering how these things are made. It matters a great deal and too often that question is left unanswered for consumers. Living green is tough and answers often are not all that clear cut.

I like to keep up on which vehicles are good. We only have the one car right now, but when finances allow, we will go back to having two, and I want to pick one that is reliable and environmentally friendly.

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