I’m Still Here

That’s the trouble with having so much go on in my life. I didn’t post at all here last week. Things were just too crazy/exhausting.

Start of course with my husband’s situation. Helping him hunt up a new job is tiring, and it completely throws off my daily routine. I work best with no one else in the room, and our computers are side by side.

Add in some sick kids as well as getting sick myself, one of those bugs that doesn’t make you too terribly sick, but just exhausts you.

On the plus side, my son took a nap with me one day. That was so much fun. Normally he just plays when he crawls into my bed. That day he climbed up, played just a little, gave a little sigh and fell asleep. Mommy bliss.

We took this past weekend as family relaxing time. Having my husband out of work is so stressful for everyone, and we realized that the kids in particular needed some extra fun time. We went hiking, made cupcakes, went to a local park to play… all very cheap, aside from eating lunch out on Sunday.

I’m hoping to be a bit more on track this week. So much depends on how long this job hunt takes in the current economy… plus whether or not we end up moving for a job. One possibility could take us to Phoenix!

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