It’s Pumpkin Time!

We went to our local pumpkin patch here in Yucaipa this weekend. It’s called Live Oak Canyon and it’s a pretty fun place.

yellow pumpkinOne of the employees told us that they grow the majority of what they sell there, but a few varieties came from other local growers. The variety of pumpkins, other winter squash and gourds was pretty amazing. So much more than your classic plain orange pumpkin, or even the white ones.

My daughter picked a yellow one. My son was just too tired as the day was a touch warm, so we’ll probably be back this weekend for his. Prices weren’t too bad either – a bit higher than grocery stores, but you just don’t get that kind of selection at the store.

They have a lot of fun stuff for the kids too. There’s a petting zoo, which we didn’t go into but my kids did get quite a kick out of the goat who had made his way to the top of some equipment they had. There’s a corn maze, some bounce houses and things like that. A bit pricey overall, but a bit pricey is typical for these kinds of places in my experience. We just used it as a chance for the kids to learn to budget their tickets to pick the things they wanted to do most of all.

Overall, it was fun. As I said, we’re going back for another pumpkin soon.

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  1. carennedy says:

    I so need to find a farm near me that does this, it sounds like a great way to get a pumpkin. Much funner then the supermarket and the kids will get a chance to see that food comes from somewhere besides the store.

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