Keeping St. Patrick’s Day Green

Going to the store, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of (quite frankly) junk on sale for St. Patrick’s Day.


I don’t mean just corned beef, cabbage and shamrocks. I’m seeing all kinds of stuff to decorate for it, plastic hats and more.

It kind of saddens me, because it used to be that St. Patrick’s Day was a pretty simple holiday. You tell the kids they have to wear green or their friends will pinch them.

At least, that’s how we did it when I was a kid. No need to buy more stuff for it.

I love celebrating holidays as much as anyone, but I don’t think they all need to be consumeristic orgies. Who really needs something special to dress up in for St. Paddy’s?

I’d say:

  1. Keep it simple. Wear green clothes if you want to look like you’re celebrating the holiday.
  2. Skip the green food coloring. There are plenty of foods that are naturally green.
  3. Think about how much you drink, and perhaps more importantly, where! No drinking and driving, please.
  4. Have fun with the kids. If the weather is appropriate in your area, take them out to hunt clovers.
  5. Help the kids with some St. Patrick’s Day crafts.
  6. Take the time for a great family dinner, whether you have corned beef and cabbage, or something your family prefers.

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  1. Keane says:

    I agree. It could be a great day to encourage the consumption of leafy greens 🙂


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