Life Beyond Green Guilt

It’s ridiculously easy to feel guilty about your buying habits. It pretty much comes with the whole environmental awareness bit. You always just know you could be doing more.

But that’s why I found this post the other day on Green Options so good. It’s about coping with green guilt.

The challenge is to simply learn how to determine the true cost of the things you do buy. You’re always going to have to balance transportation with other environmental impacts, but you do the best you can.

One of the suggestions is something I really want to work on, and that’s trying thrift stores before buying items such as new clothing. It’s a way to improve on the entire “reuse” section of being environmentally aware, and it’s also very much cheaper than buying new.

My younger sister and I have agreed that the next time we need to go shopping for things, a thrift store day is very much in order. Fortunately, neither of us is a big shopper, so I expect it will be some months in the future. On the other hand, an awful lot of my shirts are pretty much hitting the “thrashed” or “too stained” stage of their lifespan. I will have to give in eventually.

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  1. suni says:

    I like that many companies are doing their best to go green. My hosting company is one such. Pretty neat!

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