Looks Like a Job for Al Gore!

After all, he’s the problem in this case. I’ve read on a number of blogs now about the report released that included information on his energy consumption, which is higher every month than most people use in an entire year. Even if it is mostly green, that’s a lot of energy use.

I read that a part of the excuse is that he works at home. So do I, but I still can’t imagine what could be causing such an absurd amount of energy usage. It sounds to me like he needs to learn how to cut back.

Al Gore is a major figure within the environmental world. If he can’t do better, how much reason is he giving other people to sacrifice and live more environmentally friendly lifestyles? Sure he has plenty of money, but that’s no excuse to not set a good example.

I am glad to read that he is installing solar panels and taking steps to do better, but what took so long? Even with how long it can take to get permits and solar panels, I would think he could have done this sooner.

A big part of being environmentally friendly is cutting back, not just on your energy consumption, but on the other things you buy. Where are his efforts in that area? Is he doing more than just buying carbon offsets for all his travel?

Many of his critics are as much politically based as anything. It’s a great chance for them to say that Al Gore isn’t walking the walk. And they even have a point, if couched in terms that indicate they have no interest in whether or not there really is a problem with global warming, or flat out denying it.

Yes, using more green energy is currently more expensive. But if you look around things are getting more promising all around. I’ve written about companies such as Nanosolar that may well help us make that turn fairly soon, which would be wonderful. But for all you who feel there is no such thing as global warming I ask: What is the harm in cutting back, in protecting the environment? Many air quality issues have been helped tremendously by controlling emissions. Would we be better off if no such efforts had taken place?

Do you really think we have unlimited supplies of everything? Yes, I know quite well that the estimates of oil reserves vary tremendously by who you ask and that much of the difference depends on how they define accessible oil. And I know that right now oil provides a great deal of power for the amount of effort it takes to get to it, better than certain other sources previously touted by environmentalists. I know we aren’t perfect. But we’re trying to do right.

Al Gore is trying to do right too, I think, even if he could well get the “miserable failure” award for where he’s at right now with his energy usage. I hope he improves and shows the disbelievers that what they fear about living in a more environmentally friendly way isn’t as bad as they fear. I do think a part of the problem is the fear that the sacrifices will simply be too painful.

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2 replies on “Looks Like a Job for Al Gore!”

  1. Mike says:

    I think it’s amazing how much money he’s actually spending on ‘green energy’. It is probably more then what the average person would spend in their lifetime. So while, yes, he is using a lot of energy he’s taken more steps to use cleaner energy then many people in the united states.

    I think the articles on the news sites are totally biased. They’re pretty much make a big deal about how much he spends on electricity but they don’t even go into the importance of the stuff he is doing to use it efficiently or how the solar panels are expected to help out with energy costs.

  2. I came across a good video clip the other day that exposed the political nature of the criticism. It’s pretty interesting actually, here is the link:

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