Now That’s a Cool Refrigerator!

It’s not often you can get me excited about an appliance. They’re nice and useful, generally speaking, but not exciting. But when I saw the Sub-Zero PRO-48 over on Hippyshopper, I had to take a look. Any refrigerator that is rated as using less electricity than a 100 watt lightbulb is pretty interesting in my book.

I must say I like many of the design features. LEDs make a lot of sense for lighting. And it manages to have those little luxuries like a built in water filter, ice maker, two compressors and three evaporators. And I like how they have the produce drawers separate from the rest of the refrigerator. That actually makes sense to me that you can have different foods stored separately like that. I wonder how much that does for efficiency?

It’s also quite simply huge. 884 liters capacity.

I will admit I’m not a big fan of the stainless steel look, though. It just looks cold and commercial to me. I like my appliances to look like they’re a part of my kitchen, not something that belongs in a professional kitchen.

We won’t discuss the price of this beast, of course. Suffice it to say that it goes far beyond most people’s budget… more than some cars, in fact.

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