Office Store Recycling Services

Did you know that some office supply stores do recycling for you? Both Office Depot and Staples have recycling programs. You may be familiar with the various ink and toner cartridge recycling programs, but more is available.

You will sometimes have to pay for it, though. But for electronic waste recycling that’s not all that bad a thing, so long as you are certain that the recycling is done correctly.

Office Depot, for example, sells boxes in their stores for you to put your old electronics in. They do all their recycling in the USA, which takes care of one of the big concerns of tech recycling. Too often it’s done wrong. They have a PDF of acceptable products.

Also important, they carry a lot of products with recycled content.

Staples also recycles ink and toner cartridges, computers, monitors, cell phones and more. And of course recycled content products.

It’s good to see companies that are working on offering both green products and services. Most of us come up with quite a bit of electronic waste that is just not that easy to recycle other ways. Even if you have to pay to recycle them, it’s good to have a way to get rid of old electronics properly.