Our Water Restrictions Are Now Official!

Actually, they were official on July 1. I’ve just been too busy trying to find a new place to live to write about it before now.

Ours require paying attention. We can water Saturday, Monday or Wednesday. That’s hard because that’s not how the settings on my sprinkler timer works. I can schedule for every day, every other day or every third day. Doesn’t quite work.

I guess it will be nice to get moved and not have to worry about the sprinklers here. Just have to find out what the restrictions are in the new area, because they will exist.

I like how they’re doing it where my sister lives better. They just restrict the time of day. I could wish for a time of watering limit too or even a number of days per week restriction there, just to really emphasize the need to cut back, but at the same time it makes sense to say “only water when it’s not all going to evaporate immediately because it’s really miserably hot and windy out.”

A combination of the two would be good in other words. Limit time of day, length of watering and how often each week but not days of the week. I could program that pretty well into my system.

I can’t help but suspect that the restrictions are so simple where my sister lives because there are so many relatively new developments, all with Homeowner’s Associations, which typically have rules about how green a lawn must be kept. I’m sure they don’t like it when homeowners can’t keep up due to restrictions, so I can picture them campaigning to make it easier to keep having those perfect green lawns.

Personally, I still want either rocks or native plants in my front yard. Much more interesting than lawns. And then fewer worries on keeping the front watered on schedule, just have to deal with the back.