Plant Trees Around Your Home – Green Step By Step

Want to make your home more beautiful and save energy at the same time? Plant trees around it!

Trees help your home to use less energy in the summer by providing shade once they’re big enough. That means less sunlight heating your home.

You can take it up a notch by planting fruit trees. Most don’t grow as tall as other types of trees, but you get fruit out of the bargain, which isn’t a bad deal. Just find out what grows well in your area. You can’t get more local than picking fruit from your own yard.

Alternatively, consider planting a tree that will eventually be good for kids to climb. It will take years to grow it tall and strong enough, but a good climbing tree is one way to get children outside and enjoying nature. You may end up gritting your teeth and worrying as kids climb, but that’s one of the parts of parenthood. But if you climbed trees as a child, you know how wonderful a feeling it is.

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