President Bush and the Environment

When it comes to the environment, our President definitely struggles. He does well in some areas, but very poorly in many others.

Just look at his record. Think about Kyoto. Think about the recent cuts to geothermal energy research. Think about his “Healthy Forests” plan that actually increases logging and waives some environmental laws. It’s pretty painful to look at.

OK, so I’m still trying to think where he’s done well. There isn’t much there. President Bush is at least interested in biofuels and nuclear power. The trouble with biofuels is that many of them actually pollute more when you consider the entire process. Nuclear power, while it is much better when it comes to carbon, has issues with disposal.

I wish he would get the idea that weaning ourselves from so much oil dependence would be a good thing. That’s not easy when so many of your supporters are in the oil industry, but it needs to be done.

Much as I loathe campaign ads and telephone calls, I am very much looking forward to the next Presidential election. It would be nice to have a President who takes the environment more seriously. I haven’t yet paid much attention to which candidates look the most promising, as there are so many names out there, but I hope to find one who will be environmentally sensible as well as be a generally good leader. Finding that combination may or may not happen, but it’s what I’m watching for.

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