Taking Care of the Kids – CPSIA Style!

If the government can overreact, so can I! It’s time to clean house and make sure there are no toys, books, clothing or anything else that might contain lead or phthalates. Nothing in my home has been tested; how do I know my children are safe? The only solution is to start cleaning it all […]

What Is It With Toxic Metals in Children’s Jewelry?

This is really ridiculous. It seems that since lead levels in children’s jewelry is being monitored, now cadmium is being used. Just trading one toxic metal for another. This is why I don’t like to buy cheap jewelry, for children or myself. You don’t know what you’re getting in most cases. The Smart Mama even […]

The 3 Rs with a Baby, Part 2: Reuse

Yesterday’s post covered some of the areas you can reduce what you buy for baby. It’s a challenging topic, but very worthwhile. Today’s topic is in many ways one of the easiest: Reuse There are just so many things you can reuse with a baby. Their needs are pretty simple, and many baby items can […]

What More to Do for a Green Baby and Green Nursery?

In general, I’m pretty pleased with how green we’ve kept things for baby. Choosing cloth diapers rather than disposables. Reusing so many things, both from things we still had from previous babies to handmedowns from family members, many of which have gone through more than one child already. It’s quite the adventure doing all this […]

Are You Doing Too Little?

This whole mess with CPSIA has me thinking about what people are doing to encourage others to be more green. Are you doing enough? Green activism can take many forms. It can be persuading less green relatives to do things like bring reusable bags to the store or to tell them about things they can […]