Shopping is Bad for the Planet

Somehow this post over on Treehugger doesn’t surprise me. It seems that by cutting back on your shopping, you can do more for the environment than you would just trying to cut back on energy and water use.


After all the misery I went through trying to find good shoes for being in a wedding, I can agree. Even though that’s not the point of the article. But driving around that much looking for shoes was definitely not one of my greener moments. Should have given it up sooner.

The real point, of course, is that you should consume responsibly. Buy what you need to and quit buying extra stuff.

That’s more easily said than done, of course. Especially since you have to count buying excess green products into the equation. Even though these things are made in more sustainable ways, you shouldn’t be buying things you don’t really need.

I’ve spent more on clothes this year alone than I think I’ve spent the past 5 years combined. I really don’t buy a lot of clothes as a rule. My wardrobe would horrify many people I know for it’s plainness. But I’m at home. I don’t NEED a huge range of clothes. Just stuff good enough that I feel good in them, look good enough in, and isn’t falling to pieces. And that’s the kind of thing you need to figure out for yourself.
Getting into the habit of using things a longer time is one of the best things we can do. And even when you or I would consider something to be past usefulness, often enough someone else would be glad to have it. Many clothes and household items can be donated or sold rather than thrown out.

For that matter, much shopping can be done from resale shops. Some areas have really good ones where you can get beautiful, barely used merchandise for much less than new. I love stuff like that.

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  1. Clara says:

    Unfortunately, shopping has become a favorite weekend pastime for many families I know.

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