So Many Recalls

There’s a lot of talk right now about all the toy recalls going on. It really is amazing that so many unsafe toys are still being made.

I was watching my local news broadcast a story on this. They showed a toy executive talking a bit about why they make toys overseas. Lots of hedging of course, and avoiding admitting that it’s mostly a cost cutting measure. Apparently a toy that costs $1 to make overseas costs about $8 to make in the United States.

But I honestly don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s okay to use lead in paint, especially on toys. As noted on the Green Options blog, the damaging effects of lead have been know since about 100 BC. And it’s not exactly arcane knowledge. I don’t think anyone I know isn’t aware of that these days.

To me, the big question is why would anyone use lead in paint, anywhere? It’s not just that it’s making it here, it’s that it’s apparently so easy to use in places such as China, despite that the effects are so well known. I wish more countries wouldn’t let manufacturers use so harmful a chemical so easily. It’s not good for anyone.

I’m feeling quite fortunate right now that none of the toys my kids have are impacted by this recall.

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