Sometimes Going to the Farmer’s Market for Local Food is Tough

One of the big topics right now when people talk about taking care of the environment is eating locally. Some feel that it’s even more important than buying organic foods, since the production of carbon from transportation of food does so much damage.

Farmer’s markets are a great option for buying local food. The food is often organic, if not certified so, and you can talk to people who know about how it was grown.

farmer's markets

I’ve been wanting to go to my local farmer’s market, but there’s a little problem I haven’t quite gotten my head around yet.

Getting there.

You see, my nearest farmer’s market is on Saturdays, when my husband is at work. It’s about two miles away, which is walkable for me, but with a 5 year old and a 2-1/2 year old, even if I put them in the wagon? Pretty tough. I’m wondering how worn out I’d be by the end.

It’s one of the few disadvantages I’ve found to having only one car. Sometimes I can’t easily shop the way I would like to.

But now that the weather here is cooling off from the 90-100 degrees F range, I’m thinking it’s coming up on time to give it a try. I just need to load the kids into the wagon with some cold water to drink, grab the reusable bags and get going.

While the one nearest me isn’t listed on this site, you can check for farmer’s markets in your area.

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  1. James says:


    Even if you can’t make it to the farmers market, just buying food that was produced from as close to you as possible is better than nothing, as this article suggests.

    Of course, starting your own garden is probably still the best 🙂

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