Start Composting – Green Step By Step

A compost pile goes well with a vegetable garden, but that’s not the only reason to start one. You can use the compost anywhere in your yard as a fertilizer when it’s ready. And of course it’s a great use of your food and yard waste.

Most people prefer to have a compost bin rather than a compost pile. There are many great ones on the market that can help to speed up the process and keep the smell down.

It’s pretty amazing what you can put into a compost bin. Typical advice is to not throw any meat or cooked foods into the pile, but lots of other things can go in. Grass clippings, of course. Cardboard, although you need to tear it up some but even old pizza boxes are fine. Lint from your laundry. Hair. Paper towels and napkins, if you’re still using them. Some people even put urine in their compost. Others can’t stand the thought.