Starting Halloween Costume Planning

I’m just loving how my planning for the kids’ Halloween costumes is going this year. Looks like it’s almost all going to be reused!

dragon halloween costume

In the case of my son, I’m really delighted, because I spent many hours working on that dragon costume, and hardly anyone saw him in it. He’s started to play in it a little now for dress up, and says he wants it to be his Halloween costume.

The sleeves and pants legs are too short, but he’s 3 and doesn’t care. At least this year the waistband is tight enough that the tail shouldn’t make the pants fall down every few minutes.

My daughter wants to be a butterfly again. That was her costume about 3 years ago. We still have the homemade wings, though. I’ve promised to add a little glow in the dark paint to the wings like her brother’s dragon costume has. Considering how dark the costume is otherwise, it’s a very welcome request.

Both need their wings strengthened so they can lie flat on their backs a bit longer. The wings have been used for dress up by both of them all this time, and so they’re rather floppy. That’s fine for dress up, but not so cute for trick or treating.

And of course my daughter needs appropriate clothes for the body of the butterfly, and maybe some antenna. We just dressed her in black the last time. I don’t think she has any black pants, much less a plain black shirt, so that will have to be a thrift store run.

I don’t think she has a headband that would support antenna, so that will probably mean buying something new. Still, not a bad deal for Halloween costumes.

3 replies on “Starting Halloween Costume Planning”

  1. Ash says:

    Well talk about being on top of things! 🙂
    I usually don’t begin to think about Halloween until the week before! How adorable your kids will be! Pictures!? *grin*

  2. Stephanie says:

    I have to think about it! My daughter talks about what she wants to be for Halloween at least twice a week. Just now my goal is to keep her focused on reusing the butterfly costume and not try to change her mind a week before.

    I figure if we do some work together on adding the glow in the dark paint she’s have some motivation to wear it no matter what.

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