Still Doing Nasal Irrigation

I haven’t been to a doctor or anything, but given that the pain I had the other day from my sinuses, that I cleared up with nasal irrigation, I suspect I’m beating back an actual sinus infection. I’ve only had one before, so not much to compare it with, but I can’t explain in any other way where such intense pain would come from. And I’m not going to the doctor to confirm it, so it remains a guess, not a diagnosis.

It’s not a one-treatment solution, of course. Even antibiotics can’t do that. But I’m irrigating at least twice a day, often 3-4 times, and while I’m still dealing with astounding quantities of nasal mucus, it’s decreasing and the pain is under control with no medications.

Since I’m allergic to amoxicillin, I’m glad to not need antibiotics. Don’t want to mess with them unnecessarily.

I did have to smile the other day at the store reading the labels for the premade mixes for Neti pots. The label announced that it had a patented combination of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. For those who don’t recall high school chemistry, that’s table salt and baking soda… basically what I’ve been mixing up at home. Nothing fancy about it.

I think I just about have this bug beat. I’ve been getting lots of extra sleep (hate losing so much work time, but I need to get well) and that seems to be helping as well. I’ll be keeping that up until I quit getting so darn tired so early in the day. It’s not even 11 in the morning in my area, and I’m already debating a nap.

I hate being sick!

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