Sunday Links 1-11-09

How to cut out home heating oil–Japanese style – Pretty neat and what a way to encourage family time.

New Year, New Baby Week – Non-Toxic Nursery Paint – My own style has never included painting or serious redecorating of the nursery, but I know many people do. You can at least do your best to keep it nontoxic with these products.

Gardening With Kids – No doubt I’ll be posting on this too later in the year. My kids love to garden.

Greenwash Alert: The GreenWash Ball – Not a real surprise to me. It doesn’t do anything in particular that water doesn’t do on its own.

Green cooking with kids – six tips for teaching eco-skills in the kitchen – Kids love to help out in the kitchen. You can make it fun and encourage green habits at the same time. They’ll take to it quite naturally.

A little antidote to environmental overearnestness – Because we need a little humor sometimes too.

Green Eggs and Change: Five Reasons Why the Obamas Should Feature Sustainable Agriculture at the 2009 White House Egg Roll – I’d love to see this. All those lovely lawns… surely some can be spared for gardens.

Children, Christmas, and the Materialism Battle – Yes, children learn young how to be little consumers. This is why you want to teach them better.

Don’t flush cleaning wipes! – Or a lot of other things they say you can flush. Toilets and sewage systems really aren’t made to cope with them.

King Corn – A movie review – It’s amazing and disgusting how much corn has invaded the overall food supply.

Where To Find Green Jobs – A nice list for those looking for work.