Sunday Links 11-16-08

Going to try something new here. Since I read a lot of interesting stuff during the week, I’m going to try sharing them on Sundays.

Some Thoughts on the Small House Movement: Is It Something Worth Considering? – What defines a small house is pretty much a matter of perspective, but anything that encourages people to think past the McMansion trend can’t be all that bad. I grew up in a house that was 1800 square feet, yet in my mother’s neighborhood one family moved in and knocked down their house to build a new one because “everyone knows” you can’t raise 3 kids in less than 3000 square feet. My mother raised 4 of us, and it was quite comfortable.

There are studies. And then there are studies. – BPA isn’t the only area where the FDA is ignoring their responsibilities toward consumers in favor of industry. This time it’s perchlorate in drinking water.

Corn Bag Critters: A Natural Alternative to Electric Heating Pads – I love this idea. My grandmother made similar bags with rice. They’re wonderful!

Here Comes The Flu – 10 Ways To Beat It The Natural Way! – Some great tips for coping with the flu. Good to consider at this time of year. I haven’t tried them, but I don’t have the flu right now either.

Do You Have “Issues” Buying Used Clothing and Gear for Baby? – I sure don’t, but a lot of people do. This baby I’m carrying now will be getting a lot of hand me downs from relatives. Why would a baby care about “new”?

Sex, Lies, and Antibiotics: Tyson Caught Lying About Antibiotic-Free Chicken – So… injecting eggs and treating their feed is still “antibiotic-free”. Amazing.

No, Changing A Light Bulb Won’t Fix Everything. – True, but it’s not a bad start.

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for the mention, appreciate it!

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    thanks for the links especially the article about flu.

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