Sunday Links 12-14-08

Easy Green Gift: DIY Eco-Soap – Sounds like a fun something to give out for the holidays.

Alert! New Consumer Product Safety Rules Will Make Handmade, Natural Toys Illegal – This bears mentioning over and over. Take action, especially if you love handmade and natural toys.

It’s Not Foreign Oil We Are Dependent On – It’s All Oil. – True, all too true! No matter the source, we need to cut back on our use of oil. Alternatives are out there and getting better all the time.

Don’t Flush Old Prescription Drugs – Flushing old drugs used to be what people were told to do. Some pharmacies can take them back and dispose of hopefully more appropriately.

This Revolutionary Clean Coal Facility Doesn’t Exist – Clean coal? Wazzat? They talk about it, but they really aren’t there yet, not by a long shot.

Individual action and the number of children we have – This is a tough topic, but worth thinking on. I do appreciate the point many make that population in many industrialized countries is dropping, but we still use more resources per person.

Is Substitute Sugar Safe for Children? – Honestly, I prefer to stick to real sugar, and minimize that. Best of all worlds, if rather challenging in these days of artificial sweeteners and HFCS being in so many things.

What’s Happening With Recyclables Markets? – You may not have heard about the impact the recession is having on recycling. Hard to believe that some of the areas that were thriving so well have dropped so much.

Holiday How-To, Green Edition – Various ideas on greening your holidays.

Massey Energy CEO Blankenship’s anti-environment screed caught on tape – It’s easy to be in denial about global warming. Just call it a natural trend… and don’t forget to add in attacks on those who believe we need to be doing something.