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Does Anthropogenic Global Warming vs. Natural Global Warming Matter?

Reading this post about AGW (anthropogenic global warming) skeptics made me smile. I’ve always been frustrated most by people who agree that climate change is happening but feel that humans aren’t causing it and shouldn’t try to do anything about it. The arguments presented very much mirror my own feelings on the matter, especially:

Even if you deny that GW is man-made, how is this an excuse for inaction? Using the same rationale, would the commenter refuse to put out the fire in his house simply because it was hit by lighting – not a man-made fire?

So often people mistake disbelieving in the causes or existence of climate change as a reason to ignore all environmental issues. That the issues are far more complex than what the cause is seems to escape a lot of people.

Pollution matters.

Even if one doesn’t care about the possibility of climate change, pollution should be a concern. That’s the garbage patch in the Pacific, for example. It’s the litter you see every day on the street. It’s the gunk contaminating our air that comes from cars, burning coal and so forth. It’s the runoff from chemical fertilizers causing dead zones in the ocean.

Limited resources matter.

This is another one some people just have trouble with. Even our oceans aren’t infinite. Our resources aren’t infinite. Potable water resources aren’t infinite.

Change means opportunity too.

A lot of people worry about what making the changes that environmentalists talk about mean to the economy. And certainly buying less means that there will be less consumption. But there’s opportunity there too.

Changing to renewable energy presents tremendous opportunity, for example.  Plenty of chances for businesses to make it big.

Finding ways to do just about anything more efficiently is an opportunity too.

Will it be enough? I don’t know enough to say. No one yet knows if improved technology can dig us out of the hole we’ve dug with current and older technology.

Which side to bet on?

Finally, for me it comes down to which side of the equation I’m willing to bet on.I’d love to be wrong about the potential consequences we’re facing. That would be wonderful.

But denying the possibility and then getting that wrong strikes me as the greater risk overall. Being wrong when denying climate change means risking it all, potentially, or pretty near to it.

I’d rather fight the fire than fuss about the cause or if it even exists.

October 24, 2009 – Can You Join the International Day of Climate Action?

On Saturday, October 24, 2009 there will be events around the world aimed at building awareness of the need for an international climate treaty to try to bring CO2 levels in our atmosphere down to 350, which is believed to be the highest safe level. Yes, we’re beyond it now.

You can find events in your area with this map. It’s just one more way for you to learn what you can do and show politicians that there is support for fighting climate change.

Kids Can Help Fight Climate Change – Blog Action Day 2009

As a parent, being aware of what’s going on with climate change is important to me. It’s the world my kids are living in, after all. The wildfires we’ve had here in California have been one of the areas that let us talk to the kids about climate change. The water shortage is another, and my daughter is very good at expressing sheer disgust any time she thinks people are wasting water.

A part of being aware is being aware of what can be done by individuals. Teaching kids from early on to do their part at home and elsewhere is a good place to focus.

There are some great resources out there for kids. The EPA Climate Change Kids Site is a good place to start. Lots of information and some games to test their knowledge.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Climate Classroom Kids is another good resource for children. There are games, a family action plan checklist, and parent & teacher resources so you can help your children learn more. My son gets the Animal Baby magazine and my daughter gets Your Big Backyard, which are both put out by the NWF and really fun for them.

If you want to get more serious, there’s the Kids vs. Global Warming website. It has plenty of resources for kids who want to take more of an activist approach to climate change.

It’s wonderful being able to teach your kids from an early age that individuals do matter. It’s not just in fighting climate change, but in everything they truly believe in and want to make a difference in.

Will You Join Blog Action Day 2009?

I just signed up with this blog for Blog Action Day 2009. This year’s topic is climate change, obviously a topic near and dear to my heart.

If you aren’t familiar with Blog Action Day, here’s the idea. One day a year they get as many bloggers as possible to blog on a particular topic of global importance. This year it’s climate change.

It doesn’t matter what the regular topic is of your blog. You can join in anyhow. Odds are you can find a way to make the topic relevant to your readers.

It also doesn’t matter if you have a ton of followers or just a few. Just join in.