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Husband Has a New Job

You have no idea how relieved I am.

It’s not a great job. It’s not a green job. It’s not something he wants to stick with for more than a few months, ideally. But it’s income. Possibly good income since a part of the pay is based on commission.

But it’s income and health coverage. A chance to get off the COBRA coverage.

Investigating the new coverage, which starts the first day of the first month after the 60 day mark, it looks like I will have to change obstetricians for this baby. At first I was kind of disappointed, but now I’m not… so long as the copays and whatnot aren’t bad.

You see, the research I did on it included taking a better look at the hospital I was going to deliver at. I had been thinking my OB’s insistence on another C-section might have been her personal preference.

But in my research I found out how to look at the hospitals. The one nearest me just doesn’t routinely offer VBAC. But the one I would have to deliver at under the new plan DOES!!

I’ll put up with the extra driving for that chance. I really didn’t want to go the C-section route again. If it’s necessary that’s one thing. But due to a stinking hospital policy? NO!!

The minus is that there are only two OBs in my area to choose from, and only one actually specializes in it. The other is in internal medicine.

Nervous as I am about all this, I’m glad to have the chance to really try for VBAC. And of course I’m grateful for any kind of work that my husband can do. He’s keeping up the job hunt to try to find a career position, but in the meantime, we just need to get by.

And I’m trying not to think about how little time he’ll probably be able to take when baby gets here. Good thing there’s lots of family around.