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What Are Some Easy Ways to Protect the Environment?

Not everything about protecting the environment has to be a big step or expensive to get started, such as adding solar power to a house. Some of the things you can do are relatively simple and won’t take a lot of your time.

1. Switch to CFLs or LED lighting.

Both types of bulbs cost more than conventional bulbs, but they last longer. CFLs have the problem of containing mercury, while LED bulbs as yet are quite expensive, take a bit more effort to find and not everyone likes the color of light. Either will save you money on your power bill compared to conventional bulbs, with LEDs using even less power than CFLs and having the potential for a longer life.

2. Check your car’s tire pressure.

Low tire pressure is a big drain on your mileage. The impact can be something you’ll notice with each refuel of your car. That means you’re saving money and using less gas, not a bad deal at all for trying to be a little greener.

3. Stop using paper towels.

Yes, I know how wonderfully convenient paper towels are. But they’re also a huge waste. People cleaned in their homes just fine on a regular basis without them.

Use newspapers to wipe windows and mirrors instead. They do a good job when combined with your preferred glass cleaner.

Get some good microfiber cleaning cloths for other types of cleaning. Microfiber does a really good job on many tasks. If you don’t want to spend the money, there’s really nothing wrong with sticking to the towels and cleaning rags you already own, of course.

4. Use reusable shopping bags.

This one can actually be kind of challenging. Remembering to bring the bags after you buy them is tough for many people.

Cheap reusable shopping bags can be bought at many stores now, and you can buy better quality ones online. More and more stores are getting used to customers bringing in their own bags, and some even give you a nickel or so off your total purchase for each reusable bag you bring in.

5. Eat vegetarian meals sometimes.

Meat production is really hard on the environment, especially meat that comes from factory farms. You can save money and do a bit of good for the environment if you cut down on how much meat you eat.

The simplest way is to just decide to have one vegetarian meal a day, week or month, whatever works for you. Try out some new recipes.

Change Lightbulbs to CFL as They Burn Out – Green Step by Step

I’m going to try a new occasional feature, Green Step by Step. The idea is to focus on the simple things one can change to live a more environmentally friendly life.

Changing your burnt out bulbs to CFLs or other high efficiency, long lasting bulbs is one of the simplest things you can do. In many areas you can find CFLs that are quite inexpensive due to support from the local power company, or you may be able to get them directly from your power company. These will generally just be the basic ones; if you need some that work with a dimmer switch or for other special situations you may still need to pay full price.

Even so, a good CFL saves more on your power bill per year than it costs. It’s a difference that’s hard to see but is definitely there.

Eventually, LED bulbs are expected to be a better choice, but there aren’t many good ones on the market. There can still be issues with brightness and color of light. Hopefully eventually they’ll be worthwhile.