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Lovely, Lovely Rain!

My kids are just loving life this week. In a rare event for southern California, we’re supposed to get rain, sometimes heavy, just about all week.

My kids love playing outside in the rain.

I know some people don’t like to deal with the wet messes this creates, but I think it’s really good for kids to get out in all kinds of weather… or at least weather that’s not flat out dangerous. It gives them an appreciation for nature that they don’t get from staring at the rain through the window.

We’re living in an area that gets rain that’s rather colder than where we lived before, so that’s a new experience for them. Used to be the rain storms were a nice, moderate temperature. Now we live where the rain changes to snow just a few miles away. It makes a difference, but they still love it.

I was rather amused last night to see that yes, some people had forgotten to turn off their sprinkler timers. Happens all the time, probably everywhere that they’re common. It’s an easy thing to forget, but I’m glad to be getting my lawn watered for free.

What really matters in southern California isn’t the amount of rain. It’s how much snow the mountains get, as that’s where the bulk of our drinking water comes from. So while I’m enjoying this weather, I’m hoping for a really good snow pack up in the mountains so we get the fullest benefit.

Green Rainy Day Play

Rain has come to southern California at last! Yes, I know many of you have had lots of rain already, but the other day was our first really significant rain. It rained hard enough at times to make the back yard into a puddle.

rainy day play

I’m one of those moms who lets her kids go out and play in the rain, so my daughter was utterly crushed when I wouldn’t let her play in that storm. I had a good reason, though; she was headed to a friend’s birthday party shortly.

Under normal conditions though, I love letting them play in the rain. I did it as a kid. Lots of good memories from getting completely soaked.

Then comes the time to call the kids in, dry them off, hang up coats and umbrellas where they can dry, and find something more interesting than just staring at a movie on television for the kids to do.

1. Make a fort.

This works year round, of course! However, if the weather is cold outside it’s a nice way for the kids to have a cozy little place to play.

2. Bake.

There’s nothing like warm treats on a cold day.

3. Read stories together cuddled with a blanket.

Just so much fun to do something together while you keep warm.

4. Pull out rainy day activity books.

There are plenty of titles to choose from. Once the kids are done playing in the rain, new science projects, making play dough and so forth can help keep them and you occupied.

5. Indoor hide and seek.

This was one of my favorites as a kid. It’s generally best to have rules against running, ad if you’re hiding any presents for the upcoming holidays, make sure you don’t let them hide where you hide the gifts! There’s a reason why my closet is off limits to the kids for playing, and it’s not just the mess they make in there pushing things around.

6. Go to an indoor mall with a play area.

Not to shop, unless there’s something you really need there. When your kids are just too full of energy and still young enough for the indoor mall play areas, they can be a huge help.

Fast food places also generally have play areas, but it’s probably going to be harder to avoid buying treats if you go there. If there’s a children’s gym in your area that has open play times, they can be another good option to get the excess energy out.