The Trouble with Biofuels

These past few weeks have been hectic, and I haven’t been blogging much. But I think I’m going to start doing better with any luck. Being a stay at home mom isn’t all soap operas and bon bons, after all. Sometimes it’s running around and wondering where the day went.

Ok, now I’ll get serious about this post. I read an interesting post over on Tree Hugger about the dangers of biofuels. This is a topic I’ve been reading more and more about. It’s always a pity to see what had been such a promising technology turn out to be not so green after all.

So what’s the problem?

Mostly the trouble is how biofuels are grown. They’re pretty popular in countries with few resources, and virgin land is often stripped for farmland to grow crops for biofuels. Sometimes the land is cleared by burning, releasing more carbon than the biofuels will save for a long time. Then there are food crops being made into biofuels as well, raising prices.

I have nothing against biofuels, so long as they are produced in an ecologically sound manner. Growers need to find out which plants are the best choices, require the least fertilizer, pesticides and other harmful products while giving a good yield. It’s not something I expect to happen quickly. But it is one of many technologies that needs development and encouragement.

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