THIS is Why I Want to Homeschool My Daughter

It’s the last day of school for my daughter today. Yesterday she brought home a stack of papers and her science workbook/text.

The book was scarcely touched. Apparently they only used it for their dinosaur assignment, not at all through the rest of the year. What good is it for the school to buy books they aren’t going to use?

I assume science is supposed to be in the curriculum. The school bought the books, after all, and it’s not like they have money to waste. California public schools are very poorly funded these days.

I haven’t seen whatever text they used for social studies this year. I gather that was barely used as well.

I know her school has low-ish test scores on state testing, and so they want to focus on improving their scores. I resent, however, that they do this by neglecting the overall education of their students.

I suppose the one positive is that now I don’t need to buy a science textbook to use while we try out homeschooling this summer. The one the school didn’t bother using will do quite nicely.