Travel and Climate Change

I love to travel. Most people do. Seeing new people or people you love, travelling to someplace other than home is just a lot of fun.

Unfortunately it’s not all that environmentally friendly. Travel can produce a lot of carbon.

I’m not against all travel. Taking a trip to a new place means seeing new things and maybe learning about a different way of life, if you travel to someplace not like where you live. It helps keep us connected to the rest of the world and to realize why living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is important.

There are ways to make your traveling plans more environmentally friendly. It won’t work for every trip, but you do what you can. Consider traveling by train. If that won’t work, consider buying carbon offsets. Expedia has partnered with TerraPass to make it easier for you to buy carbon offsets to match your travel. It’s not perfect, as offsetting is still in its infancy, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

You can also use Sustainable Travel as a resource. They help you to choose environmentally responsible travel options. I’ve been wandering through their site. I love the concept. They have some great resources to help you find the trip that will work for you. Their search could use a little work, as it didn’t stick to the region I specified when I tried it, but still a great concept.

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