We Finally Have a Reel Mower!

I’m very happy right now. My husband finally tired of using his electric weed whacker to mow the lawn and bought a reel mower. I’ve only been suggesting this since we moved into this house and opted to do lawn care ourselves rather than pay a service.

He was a bit worried about the reel mower being hard to push. It’s more work than an electric or gas powered one, certainly. But he was quick to agree that it’s still easier than swinging the weed whacker over the whole lawn.

Even where the clover had gotten a bit tall and thick.

We chose one that has the catcher in the back. Love to just leave clippings there, but we do live in an area with a homeowner’s association, and don’t need to be hearing from them on that issue.

The salesperson at the store tried really hard to talk us into an electric mower. He pointed out that it was zero emissions too. Sorry, wrong! Just because it’s zero emissions at my house doesn’t mean it’s zero overall. The power comes from somewhere, and that’s where the emissions are.

I think my husband is pretty content with the new mower. He’s even talking about getting a manual edger.