When You’re Tired…

It’s been a long day. Really it has more to do with last night being a long night, only because my son didn’t feel much like sleeping. And of course if he doesn’t sleep, neither do my husband and I, until he quiets down.

But we all know how much harder it is to be patient when you’re really, really tired. And that’s been today. Thank goodness my daughter is old enough I can just tell her that Mommy needs a little more quiet today, and she will somewhat comply. Not perfectly, since she’s only 5, but it helps.

A part of how I coped today was by declaring it a lazy day. I worried less about how much the television was on. The rules on that are normally strict enough to ensure lots of creative play. They’re back to ‘off’ again, and the play is wilder and louder, but I got a lot of relative peace.

And do you know how much fun it is seeing kids figuring out what is recyclable on their own? Very cute. They’re getting the idea that I need just a little me time, and playing well together.