Who is Paying Attention to Mexico?

This isn’t one of my usual topics here, but it’s one I think is very important. It’s a huge story that has been tremendously neglected by the mainstream media, yet it has impacted more people than the fires I recently had to flee.

I’m talking about the flooding in the Tabasco region of Mexico. At least 900,000 people flooded out of their homes, with more rain possibly coming. I’ve read that 70-80% of the region is flooded.

And yet the United States government has so far only pledged $300,000 of aid. Is it just me, or is that pathetic?

At the same time, the media coverage of this is barely there. I haven’t been watching all that much news lately, but just scanning news sites shows relatively few stories. I mean, I expect my local news to still have something of an obsession with the fires and the recovery; that’s pretty natural. But national news isn’t doing a very good job of covering this story either.

If you want more on this story, the post over on Feministe lead me to the Women of Color Blog, and the posts at both are well worth the read. This is a situation that has steadily been getting worse, as at least one landslide due to this has occurred as well.

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3 replies on “Who is Paying Attention to Mexico?”

  1. CrankMama says:

    Thanks for this post. I had no idea this was happening. Our news hasn’t been covering it either!… And yes, that is a pathetic amount of money for our government to pledge – seems par for the course unfortunately.

  2. I had not heard this yet either. What a sad event! It is happening all over.. floods, fires and such. These are all very important and significant events, and worthy of notice so people can help out.

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