Whole Foods Has Podcasts

Have you ever listened to a podcast? I’ve listened to one or two on my computer. My husband has avery basic MP3 player, but I’ve never downloaded anything on it other than music.

But podcasts are gaining in popularity, and you can get some great information on it. It’s kind of neat seeing how companies are starting to take advantage to share information.

This month Whole Foods has a natural skin care podcast. I haven’t done much with natural skin care myself, aside from the occasional aloe for sunburn. But since I rarely use moisturizers or makeup, it’s not a topic I think about a lot. But I have started to think about it more as I get older and notice dry skin more often.

I’ve been working on using more natural products all around. It can be a bit tricky figuring out what works best. I like jojoba oil for my hair, as it is very long and keeping the ends in good condition can take a little extra effort. But I haven’t done much more yet.

The podcasts are on some really useful topics and contain some good information. I can see some advantage in listening, and I may just have to start playing these as I do housework or something.