Will Desalinization Come Soon to Southern California?

Desalinization can be a tough topic. On the one hand I love the thought of a drought-proof source of water for the region I live in. On the other… well, it’s a bit rough around the edges so far, environmentally speaking.

A desalinization plant is pretty much approved for construction in Carlsbad, CA. They just have to get around the lawsuits now.

I agree with the points brought up in the lawsuit. They’re things I’ve often wondered about, such as what happens to the extra-salty water left over by the process? Plus the very good point that we could be doing more to conserve water.

But I also do understand that our water situation here is only likely to get worse. That’s something that needs to be planned for.

For those who are wondering, I’d cheerfully move someplace where water is less of an issue. My husband doesn’t want to move away from his family, so here we sit. I can’t complain too much, as I do overall love this area. But as it appears very likely that the water situation will keep getting worse, I have my doubts about the wisdom of that.

I have no doubt that desalinization plants will be built in California, and I expect some to start within the next few years. The demand for water isn’t going to decrease, after all, or at least not enough. Conservation isn’t a welcome habit to many people. But we do have to recognize that we are in a very water-poor climate that may be getting drier yet, as are many of the sources of our imported water. Some solution will have to be found.

So the question comes: Is now the time to start building desalinization plants? Or should more research on limiting the harms be done first?