Are All Environmentalists Vegetarian, Vegan, etc?

One thing I’ve noticed is a strong tendency for some environmentalists to assume that one OUGHT to be vegetarian, vegan or similar if you’re into protecting the environment. But I have to disagree.

Certainly there are many good points to eating lower on the food chain. But what many people forget when they make such assumptions is that not everyone is at the same point in their interest in the environment or they may face challenges in changing how they eat.

I don’t mind eating some vegetarian meals. I have a few recipes I and my family enjoy. But I don’t currently have the knowledge to eat a well balanced diet without meat. It means a lot of changes.

I also have a husband with no interest in vegetarian food. Standard meat lover. He’s not overly pleased that I would sooner prepare chicken than beef, and that I insist on a lower fat content than he likes.

However, we are steadily improving how we eat, and that is a help. I have him cutting out a lot of the grease and junk foods he used to insist upon. I got him to understand that we could buy fruits and other healthy snacks for the kids (even frozen berries!) and when you look at the price per pound they are quite comparable or even cheaper than the less healthy snacks. I see it as progress.

Honestly, I don’t expect to go fully vegetarian anytime soon, if ever. As budget permits I want to go with meats that come from higher quality sources, rather than factory farms with who knows what in it.

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