Environmentally Responsible Jewelry

I’m a big fan of jewelry. I worked my way through college at a jewelry store. But I am well aware that it is not exactly environmentally friendly. In fact, it often isn’t all that good to the people doing the mining; hence all the talk about conflict diamonds.

But I did just run across a rather interesting website called greenKarat. They use recycled gold in their jewelry.

Their store isn’t very big, but the concept is very interesting. They even have a ring you can have made from slices of the pebble of your choosing.

They have the option of adding a voluntary carbon tax to your purchases. It’s an interesting concept but I would have to read more to really understand the impact of choosing to pay it. They use the money to support projects which adhere to The Gold Standard. The project which they are supporting may change, so I won’t list it here.

I do like seeing businesses try to decrease the damage they do to the environment. If jewelry were in the budget now I know where I’d be looking. Had a lot of fun going through their catalog anyhow. They also do custom jewelry, which is very tempting as I’ve had some ideas floating around in my mind for at least 10 years.

Someday, when the budget permits….

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  1. Hi there!

    Somehow I found your great blog. I am the editor of a local parenting magazine in Colorado. I’d love to use your “Turning your kids green” (I think that was it…) post in our magazine (perhaps adding to it a bit with some other posts you’ve made).

    Our spring issue is the “Green Issue” and your take on teaching children, setting a good example, is just the type of content/tone we want to run. We’ll pay you for the reprint.

    Can you email me? (I put it in the box above.) Or find me via: http://www.mountainparent.com.

    Kara Williams

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