Consumer Reports Looks at Global Warming

Wish I’d spotted this sooner. Consumer Reports has launched a site called GreenerChoices to help consumers make more environmentally friendly choices.

On the front page today, for example, was a link to a report on nonstick pans. Many people are concerned about the actual safety of these. I like their final advice on them:

Still, it’s sensible to take a few precautions with nonstick cookware. Use ventilation when cooking, don’t put empty pans over very high heat, and toss pans that have started to flake. Flaking can cause uneven heating that might accelerate emissions.

And then there’s my own take, which is that I want to get rid of my nonstick pans as they wear out (I hate getting rid of things I can still use), and replace them with iron pans. I have one iron pan already, and just love it! And it’s not going to wear out or need replacing every few years, which is another problem I have with nonstick pans.

The GreenerChoices site offers some very interesting links to calculators too. You can find out where to calculate your carbon footprint, for example. Some of the calculators are on their site; others are elsewhere around the web.

And of course they have the usual ratings, including green ratings. It looks like a great shopping guide when you need to replace some of those things that you want to make more efficient.

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