I Just Love Watching Kids Start to “Get” It

My kids are pretty good about recycling. Even my 2 year old knows the difference between the garbage can and the recycle bin. He’s even good about guessing what goes where.

But lately my 5 year old has made it clear she’s getting the idea. At least so far as finding things she can reuse.

Yesterday it was the cup the ladybugs for our garden came in. She told her Daddy that she wanted him to save it so that she could use it for a project. No idea what she has in mind, but I’m all for it.

Then this morning she took a cardboard box that was waiting to be recycled and announced that she needed it to be a car. She talked about how she was recycling it. So now it’s in our garage, being crowded into by two children who consider it to be their car. Very cute.

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2 replies on “I Just Love Watching Kids Start to “Get” It”

  1. Liz says:

    That’s wonderful! I am working on this with my 2-year-old also. He doesn’t seem to really understand it yet, but I am looking forward to when he does.

    Glad I happened on your blog!

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