Do You Have Enough Ceiling Fans in Your Home?

As you probably know, air conditioners are real energy hogs when it comes to cooling your home. And with summer coming up fast, now is a good time to get some ceiling fans installed if you don’t have enough of them yet. asked me to come over and take a look at their ceiling fan offers. That’s an easy thing to do, because I love ceiling fans. Farreys has a nice selection of ceiling fan specials for those who want a nice looking ceiling fan, something better than the base model from Home Depot, yet not break the bank.

I find my ceiling fan effective enough that even where I live, in a part of San Diego county that regularly gets over 100 degrees during the summer, I hardly ever need to turn on the air conditioner. And it’s only in one room. I’d love to have more, but we rent and so the one is it. Keeping the blinds closed and as many lights off as possible during the day, combined with just allowing myself to adapt to warmer temperatures, does the rest.

If this summer gets as hot as it did last year, I may even try taking some of the old cardboard moving boxes out of the garage and putting them in the windows. It looks ugly from the outside, and is a bit of a pain to take down when the day cools off enough to open the windows, but they make another layer to keep the heat outside.

As summer approaches, just try minimizing the use of your air conditioner. If you give your body time you can adapt to hot weather and feel comfortable in it. This may be more difficult if you spend all day in an office with the thermostat set to 72 degrees, but if you can manage it you will enjoy not needing to turn on that AC so much.

And don’t forget to use your ceiling fans.