San Diego Water Treatment Plant Goes Solar

It makes a lot of sense here in San Diego to go solar, so I was delighted to read that the Alvarado water treatment plant has gone solar. Better yet, it was at no cost to the city. That’s very important given the money troubles the city of San Diego has been having of late.

Sun Edison put up the panels and will sell the electricity back to the city at a rate that will save the city about $40,000 per year. Sounds like quite a good deal to me.

The deal only takes care of about 20% of the treatment plant’s need, so call it a good start. They’re hoping to add more panels in the future to take care of the rest of it.

I’m glad to live in an area that is recognizing the advantages of solar power. In the climate we live in, it’s ridiculous to not think about using solar power. I look forward to solar panels becoming more affordable so that more people here can generate power too.

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