Environmentalism the Lazy Way

Is there such a thing?

That depends on how you define environmentalism. There are so many levels to being green, and some really don’t go well with being lazy about it.

Especially if you really want to make a difference.

But if you don’t have the time to really focus on making a difference, but want to change your own consumption levels, there are things you can do. You can buy a book or get it at the library. Books such as The Lazy Environmentalist and It’s Easy Being Green cover some of the ways any of us can go green.

If nothing else, they’re probably great gifts for friends and family who don’t know how to get started.

Of course, the best thing you can do for the environment is to consume less. That may be one of the most challenging things too. It’s hard to break habits when you grew up in  a time where most people thought nothing of buying anything they needed or wanted, ignoring both the environment and financial common sense in a lot of cases.

Next best is to buy used when possible. That’s really not so hard, and some thrift and resale shops have amazing finds in them.

Using handmedowns counts the same as buying used, of course, except you don’t get to shop around.

We do this a lot in my family, and are working on being more deliberate about it. We’re talking toy and movie swaps between families, because, let’s face it, between Christmas and birthdays, friends and relatives, kids these days get way too much stuff. We can decrease the amount of stuff we as parents buy with appropriate trading and handing down.

Steps keep getting bigger as you go, but for many that’s the way to start. You do the lazy things first and then realize that some of what you thought was too hard is starting to make sense.