How Green Has My Pregnancy Been?

Here I am, on the homestretch of this whole pregnancy thing. I’m pretty pleased with how the whole thing has gone.

First of all, I bought very few new clothes. Total costs for new clothes for this pregnancy was probably under $100, with the largest piece being my maternity girdle – a must as new since I wanted very good elastic. It really helped me get through some of the horrendous hip pain.

Aside from that, just some maternity jeans and shorts when I couldn’t find used. That’s it. I still had enough shirts from either past pregnancies or that were old enough already that stretching them out didn’t matter. Plus a couple larger shirts handed down from my sister for just in case I needed to go larger.

Drove my mother-in-law nuts. She had been thinking about taking me shopping.

We even have an infant car seat promised. My oldest sister doesn’t need her old one, and while you aren’t supposed to buy them used for safety reasons, I have no problem with a used one with a known history. My mother just called last night to point out that she has a reversible car seat that she wants to keep on hand in general, but she can loan us until my sister can dig hers out of storage when they move into their new house. I love not having to buy things!

My goal is to have this baby as naturally as possible. I keep getting the “you’re nuts” response from people, but I really believe I can do this. My husband is supportive if occasionally clueless. I think he finally understands that HE is not to talk about “and if it’s too painful…”

I need him more positive than that.

Quite possibly the least green thing we’ve had to do is shop for a minivan. I keep saying sedan, but I don’t seem to be winning that debate. It would be tight with 3 kids in the backseat, but doable. I grew up that way, although I will concede that car seats were used far less back then. But since the current car is not up to the job, a second vehicle must come to be. SOON!

No choice but to get used; we don’t have the budget for new, although I would love the added flexibility on gas mileage. I always prefer to keep a vehicle as long as possible anyhow, typically until it’s not worth the money to me to repair it.

A plus is our ability to reuse so many handmedowns. Selene won’t be getting much new stuff, but babies don’t really need that anyhow. They don’t know the difference, and they can learn to appreciate whatever you give them if you don’t make it a big deal.

And of course, cloth diapers, as I’ve said before.

All in all, I feel pretty good about the pregnancy, and how we have things planned to start out for baby.