Green School Lunches That Won’t Turn Your Child Green

School is going to start up again very soon in my area. My daughter will be entering kindergarten this year, and I’m having to face making lunches for her to bring to school, as her class runs until 1:00 in the afternoon.

I’ve had to deal with snacktime during her time in preschool, but this will be the first time I have to get her a lunch ready. And she loathes peanut butter, which has to be “genetic” or something. I don’t like it either, nor does my paternal grandmother. And yes, I am pretty much joking about the genetic aspect. It’s just funny seeing so much of that in one family.

I’m loving the sound of the Laptop Lunches Bento Box from They look so clever, and would give me the flexibility I think I’ll need to cope with such a picky eater. 5 reusable containers in one box, and the option to buy a sleeve with room for an ice pack to keep things cool.

I should take back that picky eater part, though. She’s not that picky in a lot of ways. Loves most vegetables and fruits. It’s just the classic lunch foods that disinterest her.

What’s really nice is that they include a little recipe book with the box. I know I need ideas! I have about a week and a half before school starts (yes, midweek).

So far, I’m thinking pasta salads, rice dishes, nuts, and of course lots of fruits and vegetables. Many of these I need to test on her to figure out which she will enjoy day after day. Much too hard to make a single serving for just one 5 year old. I’d rather make enough to not need to prepare something every day.

I just love the idea of being able to provide her with healthy lunches without all the disposable junk that so often accompanies children’s lunches at school. Last year she was almost the only kid in her preschool class using reusable containers for snacktime – beyond the lunch bag the snacks were carried in, of course.

What do you have your kids bring to school for their lunches? Do their schools offer a good lunch?

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